Sell via Facebook

Add your store to Facebook, sell from your timeline and Facebook ads or add buy now links to the new Facebook marketplace.

Go to the Facebook App

The easiest way to add your store to Facebook is to use our Facebook App.

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Click on My Sales Channels
  3. Click on Sell via Facebook
  4. Click on the Go to Facebook App button.

Adjust Display selection


If you want to change which functions are displayed in your Facebook store, you can adjust this in the Display selection section of the page.

This allows you to enable or disable search, the navigation bar, the navigation and more.

Sell via your Timeline, Facebook ads and the marketplace

To add a product to the Facebook timeline use the Share button for product by clicking on ‘Get Buttons’ for the product on the ‘My Products’ page.

You can also sell from your own posts, Facebook ads and the Facebook marketplace by using the product links and adding them to your pages, ads or the marketplace.

Customize Design

If you want you can now change some of the colors used in your store, to make it better match your Facebook site. You can do this in Customize Design.

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