Discounting products

With Santu you can apply simple discounts to your products and offer special discounts to members and re-sellers. You can bundle products to create discount packages and offer discount coupons and gift vouchers.

Simple discounts

Simple discounts allow you to reduce the price of a product say from $20 to $15.

To apply a simple discount go to the product list and select the product you want to discount.

Open the product then click on the settings button.

Now enter the new discount price in the Discount price field.

In your store the customer will now see the original price and the discounted price, with the discounted price highlighted.

Simple discounts with attributes

If your product has attributes, you can also discount the individual products which are part of an attribute group. To do this go to My Products and locate the parent product, the product which contains the attributes list which you have already created.

Look for the link show variations in the product list and click on it. Now the available variations of the product will be displayed. Click on the variation you want to discount and edit just like another product. However as it is a variation of its parent product, there are some limits to the fields you can edit. Click here for more information on attributes.

Membership discounts

To set up membership discounts go to the Santu dashboard and click on Marketing.

Look for the Members tab and click on the Manage members button. Then select the option Member account management setup.

Choose from the two discount types available: flat discount or increasing discount.

Flat discount

A flat discount will reduce the prices for all members after they have logged into your store by the discount percentage you enter in this field.

A flat membership discount will reduce all products by the percentage you enter into the flat discount field.

Increasing discount

Increasing discount allows you to provide customers who spend more money in your store with a higher level of discount. In effect you are rewarding your customers for spending more in your store.

You can define up to 5 different discount levels. So customer spends $100 in your store can receive a smaller discount than another customer who spends $500.

An increasing discount can be applied to the current order or to a time period during which a customer can make multiple purchases to reach the discount level.

Free shipping for members

Free shipping is another kind of discount you can offer to your members. You can make free shipping available to all members or set a minimum amount to be spent to receive free shipping. This can be a powerful motivator to make customers want to buy more.

Reseller discounts

To set up reseller discounts go to the Santu dashboard and click on Marketing.

On the left side on the menu look for Resellers and click on it.

Then click on the Settings button.

You will find the table, which allows you to enter multiple product codes and an associated discount percentage.

Create your own product code, enter it here, and apply a discount value to it.

You can also assign a discount value to all products not defined with their own product discount code – look for the field for All Others.

Once you have saved your settings, you must supply the discount code to all products to which you want to apply the discount.

This is done on the Settings page of the product by copying the product discount code into the Discount code field

Product bundle discount

This function allows you to bundle multiple products into one package and sell them together at one reduced price. To find out more go to the Product bundle product type .

Discount coupons and gift vouchers

To find out more go to the Vouchers and Coupons page.


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