Fundraisers and Donation drives

Create fundraisers and donation drives for clubs, schools, charities, organizational or private purposes. Set up your own crowd funding project. It’s easy.

Adding a Fundraiser or donation drive

To add a Fundraiser or a Donation drive go to My Products, click on the Add Product button and then select Donation The simplest solution to create a donation drive or Fundraiser The easiest way to set up a fundraiser

Now the product wizard will open to allow you to enter product details.

The product wizard

The product wizard opens initially on the Overview page.

There are many more functions available to you by clicking on the links on the left side.

The difference between fundraisers and donations

Fundraisers have a financial target which you have to set when you create the fundraiser. A fundraising thermometer in your store shows how you getting closer to that target.

A donation drive does not have such a target.

Additional settings

Compared to the Physical products overview, fundraisers and donation drives have some additional settings in Overview.

Here you enter the specific settings for these product types.

Donations are tax-deductible in: if you are a registered charity, you can let donors know that they can tax deduct a donation in the country you select here.

Preset amounts: here you can preset three donation amounts, to make it easy for donors.

Visitors can donate any amount: check this box, if you want to allow donors to enter their own donation amounts.

Raise funds until: define in date for your fundraising efforts. Once the date has been reached visitors will no longer be able to make donations online.


Here you can define rewards for your donors, similar to the functions on Kickstarter or Indigogo

You define a specific value and a reward, and donors can then receive that award by donating the specified amount.

You can offer physical goods or digital products or anything else as reward, it is up to you. However keep in mind the costs of the rewards to you, so you don’t end up spending all the receive funds on paying for rewards. This is especially important as you may have to pay taxes on the funds you receive.

Click on the Add reward button to get started.

Title: the name of the reward

Donation value: the amount which has to be donated to receive this reward

Number of rewards: the number of rewards you will make available, much like stock control. If you set the number to 5, than only five donors will be able to receive this reward.

Estimated delivery: the date on which you expect to deliver the reward.

Short description: a short description of the reward

Images: here you can add an image of the reward

Other functions

Check out Physical products for product features and fields not explained here.

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