The orders function allows you to review and manage incoming orders as well as payments and shipping statuses.

The List of Orders

To view your orders go to the Santu Dashboard and then click on the My Orders icon.

This will lead you directly to the orders interface.

On this page you can view new orders, review and adjust their payment and shipping statuses, print address labels and more.

View order details

To find out the specific details about an order click on the order number in the List of orders.

This will link you to an overview of the order, where you see the products ordered, as well as customer shipping and payment details.

To change the status of an order click on the links next to Payment status and Shipping method.

To print the order use the printer function in the top right hand corner of the page.

This allows you to print various formats including invoices and packing slips.

Print address labels and packing lists

SeeĀ Print address labels and packing lists for more details.

Adjust payment and shipping statuses

SeeĀ Adjust payment and shipping status for more details.

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