The marketing section provides functions designed to help you increase your sales and to track what is happening in your store.


Sign up members to your store and offer them special discounts, offers and more. Create membership lists for email and other marketing campaigns.

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Vouchers, Coupons and gift cards

Convert more visitors to buyers and turn more buyers into repeat customers with vouchers, coupons and gift cards.

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Review your sales, countries and top selling products.

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Check out your customers and see the products they purchased. Or find out, which products were purchased by which customers to create follow up marketing campaigns.

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Add tracking code to your Santu store to get a better understanding about what is happening in your store.

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Set up your resellers. Provide them with log-in access to your store and show their individual reseller pricing. Set reseller prices by product groups.

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Advertising tracking

Stay on top of your advertising campaigns by reviewing orders received vs campaign costs.

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Affiliates and multi-level sales (MLM)

Set up your own affiliate partnership network with up to 5 levels. Affiliate partners send customers to your store in return for a success fee when you make a sale.

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