Shipping, delivery charges

This function of the My Store wizard allows you to define the shipping charges which apply in your store. You can enter your own shipping charges or use one of the integrated shipping service providers.

Adding shipping charges

To add your own shipping charges click on the My Store  button on your dashboard and select Shipping charges.

Based on your settings Santu will automatically add shipping charges during the checkout process to the order.

Set up shipping charges

There are a number of different methods available to you to set up your shipping charges. Pick the option you want to use from the available radio button options.

Regions you ship to

Here you define the regions to which you are willing to send your products. Click on the Add region button to add a new region.

You can set different shipping charges for different regions, to cover the different applicable costs.

Rest of the world

Rest of the world refers to all other countries not specifically listed.

If Rest of the world is included in the list of regions you ship to, you’re selling your products worldwide.

If you only want to Santu a limited number of regions, such as only Europe, or only the United States, you must delete the Rest of the world listing.

By shipping provider

Santu has a number of shipping providers integrated, such as UPS, USPS, DHL, TNT, Royal Post, Australia Post and others. You can select these providers using this option.

Santu will then during the checkout connect to the shipping providers to automatically establish the shipping charges for the order being made.

To use shipping providers pick the option By shipping provider and then click on the button Set up shipping providers.

Now you can select the shipping provider you want to use and enter the required set up information.

Free shipping

No shipping charges will be applied to the order. This will apply to all product in the store.

You can also apply free shipping only to specific products by selecting it in the product wizard.

Another way to apply free shipping for example only in your own country, is to use shipping by Weight, Price or Number of products. Add your country as a region and assign $0 charges to it. You can then add additional charge to other regions or to the Rest of the world.

Shipping by weight, number of products or price

When you have added the regions you ship to, you must manually assign charges for the different regions and shipping methods.

Charges always applied to a specific range for the appropriate shipping method.

For example if you ship your products by price, you can charge different amounts for customers who buy products for less than $100 and for more than $100.

To add a range by price, weight or number of products click on the appropriate button below the region you have created. This will add a new row to the table where you can enter the highest value of the range you want to create.

Ranges always start from zero as the lowest value.

To create a weight range from 0 to 10 kg click on the add wait button below the region and then enter the number 10 in the weight column. Then enter the price for shipping products in this weight bracket  into the columns for the available shipping methods. Then enter the price for shipping products.

Now Santu will automatically calculate the weight of the order based on the weight of all the products purchased. It will then look at this table to apply the shipping charges you have entered here to the order.

And above

This is your top pricing bracket for shipping to the region. Anyone making purchases above this value will be charged the highest prices you have entered.


You must replace the word unavailable in the price fields with a price value to make the shipping method available to a specific region. Otherwise the method will not be available to your customers.

If you don’t want to charge for a specific range, you must enter the value “0” (zero) to indicate that shipping for this range is free.


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