Accept quotes

The quote product allows you to let customers request a quote from you. Instead of  displaying a price customers click on a Request quote button. You can then respond to them with a suitable offer.

Add a quote product

To Add a quote product go to My products and click on the Add products button. Then select the Quotes option

The quote product is very similar to a physical product, but has no price field. You can use the same description fields to describe the product or service and also include attributes such as sizes and colors or optional extras.

In your store customers will see a Request Quote button instead of a buy now button, and the checkout will not ask for payment details.

Managing quotes

When you receive a quote, you can see the order in My orders, but you can manage quotes in My Quotes. Depending on what stage of progress is at, you can set the status of the quote in My Quotes, to keep track of it.

To get to My quotes mouse over My orders and select the quote option.  On mobile devices touch My Orders and then make your selection.

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