My Products – working with Products

The My Products page provides you with powerful and easy-to-use functions to manage all your products in one place.

Add products

There are two ways to add products to Santu:

  1. you can manually add a product by clicking on the Add product button on the Dashboard or by clicking on the Add product button on the My Products page.
  2. You can automatically import products using the Import function we supply.

When you click on the Add product button, you can select the product type you want to add. As soon as you have selected the product type the appropriate Wizard will open, allowing you to enter its product details and to upload any files required, for example when selling digital products.

Product wizard

On the left side of the product wizard you find a listing of the different functions available to you. More functions become visible when you click on one of the links provided.

On the right side you find the fields available to you to enter your information.

Fields which are required a marked with an orange Asterix. You will find that usually not very much information is required to create product.

All you have to enter to create a physical product for example, is a name and a price.

To find out more about each product type click on the links below.

Physical products: more details

Digital products: more details

Fundraisers and donations: more details

Event tickets: more details

Subscriptions: more details

Save, publish and share

Once you have entered all the information required, you can click on the Publish button in the top right corner. Now your product will automatically appear in your free Santu store.

If you don’t want to publish your product just yet, click on the Save button.

If you save your product you can publish it at any time by clicking on it is published button in the My products list.

When you have published your product, you can share its buy now link or it’s more information link anywhere you want: on websites, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, emails, SMS, radio, magazines, TV and more.

Click on the Share button which now appears next to the product on the My Products page and use the share functions provided on the small pop-up window. Click here to find out more about sharing.

The Product list

The Product list shows all the products in your store and makes it easy to manage them

The list allows you to search for products, filter them, publish and hide them, bulk change them and more.

You can also find information about current product stock levels as well as the function share the buy now link or the more information link for any product.

If a product has variations, you can find the variations by clicking on the Show Variations link.

To select a specific product simply click on it.

To hide or publish a product, click on it eye icon. The red icon and a red line next to the product indicates that the product is currently hidden.

Product search

To find a product or a number of products matching certain criteria use the search function at the top of the My Products page.

There are a number of criteria by which you can locate your products, and you will find even more criteria by clicking on the more menu in the search bar.

To save a specific search click on the Save Search link above the search function. To activate a search filter click on the drop-down icon next to My Products.

To edit a product click on its title or on its Edit button for the product. The edit button will appear as you mouse over the products, if you are in desktop mode. This will open the appropriate Wizard.

Sorting products

You can sort products by clicking on the sorting links at the top of the product list. Sort them by date modified title price and type. To reverse the sorting order click on the link again

Bulk change products

if you want to change more than one product at once you can use the bulk change functions provided.

Simple bulk change functions

The simple bulk change functions are Publish Hide and Delete.

Start by selecting the products you want to change by clicking on them on the My Products list.

Remember you can use the search to locate groups of products you want to change, such as all products belonging to a certain product category.

Once you have selected the required products, click on the appropriate bulk change button at the bottom of the page. For example delete multiple products click on the Delete button.

Advanced bulk change functions

The advanced bulk change functions allow you to make more complex changes to your products, such as applying discounts, changing prices, changing descriptions or assigning categories.

Advanced bulk change functions can only be applied to the same product type at a time. You can easily filter the product types by clicking on the small product icons at the top of the list.

Once you have selected the products click on the Bulk Change button to switch to bulk change mode. You will now see the product wizard with a light red background to make you aware that you have entered bulk change mode.

Bulk changes cannot be undone.

Next to all fields you will find a small checkbox. To change a specific field you must check the checkbox as it will otherwise be ignored.

Do not tick any field you do not want to change, as a checked field next to an empty box will cause the value in this field to be deleted for all products you are changing.

Once you have entered all the changes click on the Bulk Change button to complete the action.

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