Use buy now buttons and links

Add individual Buy now buttons to your website, blog, chats, forums, social networks and more with copy and paste ease and without looking at any code.
To embed a complete store or list of products, see Embed a store or product list.

Buy now buttons and links explained

Buy now buttons and links are simple links such as, which you can add to any website or blog.

Capsicum 0.10 each Buy Now

A buy now button is just a small image which has a link assigned to it.

Digital Oranges, $0.10: Oranges - Buy Now

In most cases you can copy the link or button for a product directly from Santu into your editor.

Or you can use the link function of your website editor, such as WordPress.

That means you can turn any image you want into a buy now button, including a product image:

Click to buy

It means you can include a buy now link in the middle of some text.

As soon as a customer clicks on a link, the product is added to your shopping cart.

This shopping cart can be embedded in your website as a pop-up shopping cart or it can be displayed on a separate page.

You can even add a mouse-over product preview to your product, simply by copying one line of text into your website or blog.

Publishing buy now buttons and links

To get the buy now links or buttons for any product, go to My Products.

Mouse over the product you want to promote in the product list and click on Get Buttons.

Sell online with Santu

Click on the button, and the Get Buttons Pop-up appears.

To copy the button or text link, simply click on it to highlight it. Then use the shortcut keys to copy the button: CTRL / C in Windows or ⌘/ C for Mac.

Get Santu buttons

Then paste the the button in your editor in visual mode (Wysiwyg) using the past shortcut keys on your keyboard: CTRL / C in Windows or ⌘/ C for Mac.

That’s all there is to it.

Oranges - Buy Now

You can now drag the button or link around on your page as required.
Any customer clicking on the button or link will immediately be able to buy your product.

Add a pop-up shopping cart to your website

To more closely integrate the purchasing process into your website, you can have te shopping cart appear as a pop-up on your website. These pop-ups are browser compliant and do not get blocked by pop-up blockers.

All it takes is copying one line of text into the HTML code of your website or webpage.

To be able to use this  function you must have access to the HTML code of your pages, and your pages must allow executing Javascript.

Your buttons will still work, if you can not run Javascript, but the shopping cart will take up the complete browser window, rather than appearing in a pop-up.

  1. Go to My Sales Channels.
  2. Click on Use Buy Now Buttons and links
  3. Scroll down to Optional: Add a pop-up shopping cart to your website or blog
  4. Copy the Page Header Code
  5. Paste the Page Header Code into the HTML code of your web page. Ideally before the <head> tag, but it will work anywhere.

Whenever a user now clicks on a buy now button or link, the pop-up shopping cart appears.

You can adjust the page elements displayed in My Sales Channels > Popup / Embed display.

Add a mouse-over preview to your buttons and links

Please follow the steps above the add the Page Header Code to your page.

Once you have installed the page header code, place a tick in the product preview option checkbox on My Sales Channels > Use Buy now buttons and links

Save the settings with the Save button and refresh your webpage to see the effect.

Sell via websites, blogs, forums, comments, Skype and more

Because Santu buy now links are just simple links with no special code attached to them, you can use them wherever a link is supported. Just add a buy now link when chatting with a customer, in Facebook in blog comments or on forums. It’s the same link you use on your website, opening any sales channel you can think of to you.

You can even print the link address such as in a brochure or newspaper, to allow people to buy directly from your brochure or from a TV advertisement or announce it in a radio advertisement.

A QR code, which you’ll also find when you click on Get buttons on the My Product page is also great to be used on printed posters for ticket sales for example or in magazine ads.

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