Adjust payment and shipping status

This function allows you to change the payment and shipping statuses of orders and to allow your customers to track their orders.

Adjusting the payment and shipping statuses

To review or change the payment and shipping statuses of your orders go to the Dashboard and then click on the My Orders icon.

This will lead you to the list of orders when you find the table with all the orders you have received. On the right side there are different icons indicating the status of the order, such as Paid or Shipped, for example.

To adjust the status of a specific order click on one of its status icons. This will immediately lead you to the order details page where you can adjust the payment status, review payment details, or set the shipping status for an order.

Whenever you change the status the customers will receive an update so they know what is happening.

If you don’t want to update your customers you can disable this tracking function in your account settings.

Setting the payment status

To change the payment status selected new status from the drop-down list, which best describes the new payment status. You can add a comment to the status, which will be displayed to the customer when they track the order.

If you use a real-time payment service provider the status you will normally be already set by the payment service provider.

Shipping status and order tracking

To adjust the shipping status select the new shipping status from the available options. You can also enter a date when the product will approximately be shipped.

The method you enter in the comment section will be displayed to your customers when they receive their order tracking email.

Order tracking

If you want your customers to be able to track the parcel while it is being shipped you can add the shipping tracking URL and tracking number provided by your shipping service.

This will be sent to your customer to allow them to track the order while the goods are in transit.

Adjusting the status of multiple orders

To adjust the statuses of multiple orders at once go to the list of orders and select the orders you want to adjust by placing a tick in the selection box on the left side.

Then at the bottom of the list pick the new statuses from the drop-down lists and click on the Update Status button.

This will automatically adjust the status of all the orders you have selected.

Upload payment and shipping statuses

If you have an external system where you manage statuses, you can use the Status update function to upload statuses.

Go to the list of orders and click on the Status Update link to choose this function.

Follow the instructions on the page to upload your statuses. This requires an advanced account.

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