Export or download orders

This function allows you to export or download orders you have received, so you can import them into other software programs, such as accounting or customer relationship management software. Not all accounts support this function.

Export orders listed on a page

To export orders without a search simply click on the My Orders icon on the dashboard.

This will guide you to the product list page which lists all your latest orders.

Normally you see 25 orders per page, however you can change this to up to 100 orders per page.

Select the orders you want to export either individually by clicking on them or by using the checkbox at the very top. This will select all orders on the current page.

Then scroll down to the Select an action menu at the bottom of the page.

Now you can select the data you want to export as well as the format.

Once you have made your selection click on the green export button to complete the process.

Export all orders found

If you want to export more orders than are listed on a single page you have to use the Search function above the list of orders.

Simply define your order criteria for example by setting a date range.

When the search is completed, you will find above the number of matches found as a link above the list of orders:

Select all 123 matches, for example.

Click on the link to select all orders found and then follow the same process as explained above.

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