Stock control, product levels

Here you can set up stock control for the product you are selling. Whenever an order is made Santu will automatically adjust your stock levels to prevent customers from being able to purchase when you have run out of stock.

Setting up stock control

To set up stock control click on the My Store  button on your dashboard and select Stock control.

Simplified stock control

Basic stock control allows you either once or many times.

It is defined when editing a product with the Settings dialogue.

Stock display

To enable advanced stock control Show except stock levels or Show traffic light stock levels. 

You can see next to the selection what are displayed in the store will look like.

To switch from advanced stock control to simplified stock control Disable advanced stock control.

Show exact stock levels

When you select this option the number of products remaining in stock will be displayed in the store. You can define in out of stock message, which will be shown if you run out of stock.

Show traffic light stock levels

If you select this option a traffic light style display will indicate the availability of stock to your customers.

You can set when the colours will change to display the low in stock warning.


This option allows you to accept orders for products, even when they are no longer in stock.

We recommend care when using this option, as in some countries you are legally required to supply a product for the price quoted, once it has been ordered.

So even if you can no longer get the product, or if your supplier has increased prices, you may still be legally required to fulfill the order.

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