Selling event tickets

Create your own event tickets, sell them anywhere you want and scan them at the door with the Santu ticket app.

Adding an event ticket

To add an Event ticket  go to My Products, click on the Add Product button and then select Event The simplest solution to sell and scan event tickets.
Now the product wizard will open to allow you to enter product details.

The product wizard

The product wizard opens initially on the Overview page.

There are many more functions available to you by clicking on the links on the left side.

Additional settings

Compared to the Physical products overview, Events have a number of additional settings in overview.

Organizer: here you can select or enter the name of the organizer of the event, so it can be displayed in the event ticket template.

Admission fees

Here you can set the entry fees for your event. Santu allows you to set different pricing levels, for example standing only versus balcony. You can also use this function to see people at different tables, for example, or in different rows.

To create additional pricing levels click on the Add pricing level button.

Title: here you enter the name of the pricing level

Price: this is the price for tickets for this pricing level

Number of tickets: this is the number of tickets available at this pricing level.

Session times

Here you can set different times and dates for events that are repeated a number of times. Click on the Add session button to set repeat dates for the event.

Date of event: click on this field to enter a date and time for the event.

Ticket settings

Sell tickets until: defines when the system no longer allows buying a ticket.

First ticket number: enter the number of the first ticket. All other ticket numbers will be created sequentially.

Barcode format: Santu generates QR codes which can be read with the Santu ticket App to verify tickets at the door in real-time.

Order quantity: allows you to limit the number of tickets a buyer can purchase at a time or to set a minimum of tickets which have to be purchased.

Ticket design

With Santu you can use a pre-designed ticket design or upload your own custom PDF tickets.


Santu creates a ticket based on the information you have provided and automatically sends it to the customer once payment has been approved.

Display location: enter the address where the event takes place

Instructions: enter special instructions which you want to display on the ticket.

Custom PDF ticket

upload a single page PDF document with the information about your event and leave some space for the QR code, so Santu can add it to the page. You will be able to resize the QR code and position on your page as required. Don’t make the QR code to large, as it will be harder to read for scanners.

Custom PDF ticket (multi-session)

For this ticket you have to leave space in the centre of the page to allow Santu to insert the session information, which differs for each session.

Create your own PDF ticket

Find out more on how to create your own PDF tickets in our blog.

Scan tickets

To scan a ticket select it in the list of all products and click on the scan button. You can then download the Santu ticket apps or connect the scanner to your computer.

You can also manually add the first four numbers of the ticket scan code to verify the ticket has already been used when letting people enter to the event.

Other functions

Check out Physical products for product features and fields not explained here.

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