Customer details

Here you can define the information you want to collect from your customers during checkout. Depending on the products purchased you can ask for different information  to speed up the checkout process.

Adjust customer details

To adjust the Customer details settings click on the My Store  button on your dashboard and select Customer details.

This dialogue allows you to define the address details you collect from your customers, depending on the products they order.

You can set up the Billing address, Billing address minimal and Delivery address.

Billing address

Apply to: tick all the products for which you want to collect the complete billing address from your customers.

Customer details: tick all the fields you want your customers to fill in. If you want a field to be required, meaning that the customer must complete it to place the order, tick on the small star next to the checkbox. When the star is orange the field is required.

Please note that when you select the option Address details this will actually ask your customers for their street address, country and other required address details to deliver the products.

Billing address minimal

This works much like the billing address.

However here you will find all the products, which have NOT been ticked in the Billing address option Apply to.

So the minimal billing address will be collected for all products which are not listed in the normal billing address.

This function is designed for example for digital products and fundraisers, where you may not need the complete address of the customer to speed up the checkout process.

For example to deliver digital products all you need is an email address and the name.

While you may want to collect more details, it is not necessary to deliver the product.

By reducing the number of fields a customer has to complete, you can increase your sales or donations.

Delivery address

You may want to allow your customers to deliver goods to a different address than the billing address.

This can be useful for example if one person orders a gift on behalf of another person, and wants it to be directly delivered (remember you can use Options to add gift wrapping or a gift card).

To enable a different shipping address simply tick the box next to Allow delivery to a separate shipping address.

Please note that shipping to different address can increase the risk of fraud.


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