My Sales Channels

This is how you sell your products to your customers. Your sales channels include selling via your own online store, buy now buttons and links displayed anywhere you want, embedding a store or product list to your own website, blog or Facebook, selling via emails, forums and chats but also selling products offline through printed magazines, television and radios.

Use buy now buttons and links

Add Buy now buttons and links to your website, blog, chats, forums, social networks and more.
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Embed a store or product list in existing websites, blogs

Embed a store or product list without programming in your existing website or blog. Products shown on your site will be automatically updated when you manage your products.
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Sell via your Santu store

You get a free basic Santu store, which you can always use to sell from or as a backup. Just click on the View Store button in your menu bar to check it out.

Sell via Facebook

Add your store to Facebook, sell products from your timeline, from Facebook ads and add buy now links to the new Facebook marketplace.
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Sell through emails

Let customers order products directly from your emails.
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Sell via SMS and printed materials

Use Santu in the real world to allow ordering from SMS or printed magazines, through radio or TV.
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