Selling digital products

Sell songs, photos, videos, e-books, documents, software and other digital goods. Santu will deliver your product once payment has been approved.

Adding a digital product

To add a Fundraiser or a Donation drive go to My Products, click on the Add Product button and then select Digital product The easy way to sell digital goods.

Now the product wizard will open to allow you to enter product details.

The product wizard

The product wizard opens initially on the Overview page.

There are many more functions available to you by clicking on the links on the left side.

Digital product settings

Compared to the Physical products overview, digital products also include Digital product settings in overview.

Here you enter the specific settings for digital products and upload data your file.

Digital products file: click on the add product file button to upload your file.

Download access: set the number of days after you have approved payment during which the digital product can be downloaded

Copyright: you must tick this box to confirm that you have the legal rights to sell this digital product

Software unlock key

This function allows you to sell your digital product with an unlock key, which we automatically provide to the customer with the purchased product, once payment has been approved.

Tick the radio button which matches your requirements.

No software unlock key required

Always use single software unlock key: enter a single key which will be delivered to all customers to unlock the file

I will provide a list of unlock keys: upload a large comma-delimited list of unlock keys. You can select to reuse keys in the list, so that the keys will be randomly assigned to customers. Alternatively you can define to have each key used only once. In this case you will receive a warning email on the number of available software unlock keys is reduced to the limits set by you.

 Other functions

Check out Physical products for product features and fields not explained here.

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