Product bundles

Product bundles allow you to sell multiple products together at a new price. You can bundle all products which have no options and which have their own SKU. See also Options and choices to create product bundles to build products such as custom computers from different components.

Adding a product bundle

To create a Product bundle go to My Products, click on the Add Product button and then select Product bundle The easy way to create product bundles.

Now the product wizard will open to allow you to enter product details.

Note that you can only bundle products which have no options.

The bundle price

The price you add on the Overview page applies to the complete bundle, regardless of the products you add to it.

Once products are added to the bundle, their prices are ignored and customers only have to pay the price of the total bundle.

This function also allows you to bundle multiple event tickets together for a combined lower price than when the tickets are purchased individually.

Limit number of available bundles

Go to Settings / Stock control. Here you can define how many bundles you have available.

Once the bundles are sold out they can no longer be purchased in your store.

This can be useful for marketing campaigns for example where you limit the number of bundles available to the first 50 buyers, for example.

Stock control for bundled products

Products which are bundled continue to use their own stock control.

If a product in a bundle runs out before the bundle runs out, then customers will no longer be able to buy the bundle.

This is because the bundle is no longer complete without the product which is out of stock.

Add products to your bundle

To bundle your products they must already exist in your store.

Click on the Bundled products link on the left side.

You are now on the Bundled products page, when you can enter the products you want to combine in this bundle.

To add a product to the list simply click on the title field and start typing the name or the SKU of the product you want to add.

When you see the product appear in the drop-down list click on it to include it in your list.
See also Options and choices to create product bundles to build products such as custom computers from different product components or to sell products as reduced price options with other products.

Other functions

Check out Physical products for product features and fields not explained here.

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