Importing products

This function allows you to import your products and images by using a CSV file with your product data. You can export CSV files from most database and spreadsheet programs.

How to import product data

  1. Click on My Store in the main menu bar
  2. Select Import products.
  3. Click on Add product file to upload your CSV file with the product data.
  4. Click on Next
  5. Select the character set (normally you can just keep the selected default)
  6. Make sure the correct separator is inserted
  7. Click on the preview button and scroll down on the page to see, if your import file is properly recognized. If not, adjust the settings in Step 5, 6.
  8. Map your fields to the Santu fields
  9. Apply tax if required
  10. Start importing

You can decide to have products immediately listed when import is complete, or to have them merely imported and set to invisible, until you have reviewed the import.

Sample import file

You will find a sample import file here:

Importing images

You can import up to 5 images per product. Simply create one column for each image URL in your import file. Then map all these columns to ‘Image URL’

Alternatively include all image URLs or file names in the same column and separate them with the the pipe symbol | .

You have two options to import the images into your store:

List an Internet address for an image

Upload your image to an online account and provide for each image the complete Internet address in your CSV file, such as

Upload the images directly to our server

Add only the file name for each image to you CSV file, such as picture-1.jpg. Zip up all images listed in the CSV file into one zip folder. Select the zip file with your images with the same button you use to select the CSV file.

Importing Variations / Product attributes

An attribute describes the variations of a product to make selecting a specific color or size easier. You can import products with attributes by grouping products with the same attributes.

Importing Catagories

To automatically add your products to different categories include the required category in a column in your import file. Then map it to ‘Category’.

To import multiple categories for a product create multiple columns and assign all of them to ‘Category’.

Alternatively include all category names in the same column and separate them with the the pipe symbol | .

Values you can import

Overview: Product –
Product name
Product – Price
Product – Short description
Product – Catalog No./SKU
Product – Images
Product – Condition
Product – Allow selling if not in stock
Shipping: Product – Shipping Type
Product – Shipping – Width
Product – Shipping – Height
Product – Shipping – Length
Product – Shipping – Weigh
Long description: Product – Long description
More details: Product – Manufacturer
Product – Manufacturer code
Product – Distributor code
Product – Discount Product Code
Discounts: Product – Discount price
Product – Universal product code (UPC/EAN)
Stock control: Product – Order quantity – Min stock quantity
Product – Order quantity – Max stock quantity
Product – available stock
Marketing / SEO: Product – HTML title
Product – Meta-description
Product – Advertising tracking ID
Product – Custom product URL
Product categories: Product – Category
Attributes / Variations: Attribute – Grouping attribute
Attribute – Title
Attribute – Internal name
Attribute – Price
Attribute – Weight
Attribute – Images
Attribute – Value
Attribute – Value – Images
Attribute – Value – Weight
Attribute – Value – Base weight
Attribute – Value – Base price
Attribute – Value – Description
Attribute – Value – More information

Your import is ready

When the import is completed, you will be informed by Santu.

You do not have to stay on the import page but can continue to do other work.

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