Selling physical products

Physical products are normal products: products you can touch, and which must be shipped to your customers. Setting up a basic product is quick and easy but there are many powerful functions available to you.

Adding a physical product

To add a Physical product go to My Products, click on the Add Product button and then click on physical product: Set up physical products to sell online

Now the product wizard will open to allow you to enter product details.

The product wizard

The product wizard opens initially on the Overview page.

There are many more functions available to you by clicking on the links on the left side.


On the product overview page you enter the most important information for your product.

The only fields  required for physical products are product name and price. All other fields are optional.

Product name: the name of the product you are selling

Price: the price of the product you are selling. The currency used is displayed next to the price field.

Short description: a short description of the product limited to 120 characters.

Images: you can upload up to 5 images for your product

Automatic caption: Santu can automatically create an automatic caption for you based on the product name and price. It will usually be shown as a mouse over text in the store. If you prefer you can manually enter your own caption.

Additional settings

Catalog number/SKU: the unique identification number for your product.

This product has attributes such as color or size: if you have product attributes or variations, the SKU will be entered as part of setting up the variations.

Tax: business use only. The sales tax or VAT applying to the product when you sell it.

Weight: the product weight for shipping purposes. You can set the weight unit on the Shipping set up page.

This item is: describes whether the product is new used or refurbished.


Here you can enter keywords which will automatically assign the product to any category with the same keyword and help finding the product in your store.

So with the product and a category share the keyword shoes, and the product will automatically be displayed in the corresponding category.

Settings – discounts, stock levels, base price and more

Here you can set up a number of functions such as discounts, shipping, stock control, product codes and base price.


Discount price: enter the discounted price of the product

Discount code: enter a reseller discount code for your product. When a reseller logs in the discount associated with the code will be applied to the product.

You can find more help on discounts in Discounting products


Shipping: from the drop-down menu which applies to this product. Configured shipping charges are set up on the  Shipping set up page.

Handling costs: and then costs will be added to shipping charges, unless you use fixed-price. In that case the handling costs will be used as the fixed shipping price for the product.


Enter the weight, height and length of the package to allow calculating volume weight for shipping service provider such as UPS, USPS,

Stock control

Basic stock control allows you to sell a product once or many times. Advanced stock control allows you to define stock levels to prevent products from been purchased when they are out of stock.

Basic stock control: tick the box I am selling this product only once to sell product either once or many times.

Can not be purchased online: if you tick this, the product cannot be purchased online but only in a brick and mortar store. When customers clicks on the link they will see the address of the store.

Available stock: the number of products you have in stock

Order quantity: defines how many product the customer has to purchase at least (minimum) or the maximum number of product a customer can buy.

Allow selling if not in stock: if this box is ticked, customers can place orders for a product which is out of stock based on your stock levels.

Product codes

Here you can enter a number of codes which help you find the product or identify it to your customers in your store.

Base Price

In Europe, Australia and many other countries you are required legally to display the price of a product which is sold by quantity in predefined quantities, so customers can easily compare the prices of different products by the base price applying to the quantity.

Base Price: here you enter the quantity and select the quantity unit used as base quantity for comparison purposes.

Product quantity: here you enter the actual quantity of the product you are selling.

Santu will automatically calculate the base price and display it in your store.

If you use attributes and variations you can enter the product quantity in the variations table for each product quantity.

Long description

Here you can add a longer description to your product, which will be shown on the product details page. You can link directly to the product details page using the appropriate share link when sharing your product.


Here you can optimise your product for search engines and track the performance of sales channels.

Search engine optimisation

This information applies to the product more details page.

HTML title: the name which will be shown in browser tabs and as title in search engine results

Meta description: the description which will usually be shown in search engine results


Advertising tracking ID: Here you can add an advertising tracking ID generated in Santu to the product. See advertising tracking  for more details.

Set Internet address

Here you can adjust the Internet address of the buy-now link and it’s more details page to make it more search engine friendly. The name you enter here will be appended to the address of your store.

Product categories

go to Categories and Pages  to find out more.


Go to Attributes/variations to find out more

Options and choices

Go to Options and choices to find out more


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