Getting started

Once you have created your account you will land on the Dashboard page. This is the central hub for all your work. Whenever you get stuck use the Help Link to find help or to contact support.

Start by creating your first product

The quickest way to familiarise yourself with the system is to create a new product.

Click on the “Add a product” button on the Dashboard.

  1. Pick a product type and click on it.
  2. The product wizard will open to allow you to add all the product information you want to.

All you have to enter to create a physical product for example, is a name and a price. However there are many more functions supported.

Please make sure to pick the correct currency when you enter the price by clicking on the currency link.

If you are a business and have to select self taxes or VAT, you can set this up by clicking on the tax setup link when creating the product.

To find out more about each product type click on the links below.

Physical products: more details

Digital products: more details

Fundraisers and donations: more details

Event tickets: more details

Subscriptions: more details

Once you have entered all the information required you can click on the publish button in the top right corner. Now your product will automatically appear in your free Santu store.

If you don’t want to publish your product just yet, you can also click on the Save button.

Share your product

When you have published your product, you can share its buy now link or it’s more information link anywhere you want: on websites, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, emails, SMS, radio, magazines, TV and more.

Click on the Share button which now appears next to the product on the My Products page and use the share functions provided on the small pop-up window.

Click here to find out more about sharing.

Complete your account set up

To complete the set up of your account, make sure to enter all the information required.

On the My Store | General page and enter the store contact details.

If you have to collect sales taxes or VAT as a business from your customers, you can set this up on the My Store | Tax Settings page.

To set up charges to deliver your products, go to My Store | Shipping charges .

To complete your profile to allow us to invoice you for services we have provided to you adjust your Account settings.

If you are not using PayPal to accept your payments, go to My Store | Payment Methods You Accept to set up the payment methods you want to make available to your customers.

Many more functions

There are many more functions available to you, as you will discover, when you use Santu.

You can also find many functions by browsing through the help files.

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