Customize your design

Here you can adjust the look of your free Santu store and the design of your pop-up or embedded stores.

Santu has been mainly designed to be added to existing websites, so the main focus of this function is on adjusting colors to match your existing design.


Here you can select a store template or a custom theme you have changed earlier.

You can see the design in the Preview Window after making your selection.

Make sure to publish your selection to apply it to your online store.


Here you add the banner which is shown on top of your website.

You can also set a specific banner, which is only shown during the checkout  process.

Note that banners will only be displayed in your Santu store by default. If you want to show them in your embedded store or pop-up shopping cart, then you have to change the Popup / Embed display settings in My Sales Channels.


Here you can quickly change the colors of your store. The most impact is achieved by changing the master color, c1.

When you mouse over a color, the text will show you what the colour is applied to.

In advanced colors you can make changes which  allow you to target buttons and areas, such as the top bar or the various buttons.


Here you pick the main font used in your website.

Background image

This allows you to add a large background image to your website, which combined with some color changes can have a dramatic impact on the look of your site.

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