Print address labels, packing lists

To make shipping and packaging products easier you can print address labels and packing slips for your orders.

Printing orders and packing slips

When you look at the detailed order you can print the order overview, invoices as well is packing slips, which make it easier to pack the ordered goods.

Click on the drop-down menu next to the printer button to choose the document you want to print and then click on the print button.

Printing address labels

Address labels can be printed from the list of orders.
To print address labels for your parcels for the different orders go to the List of Orders.
In the left column tick the boxes for all orders for which you want to print address labels.
Then, at the bottom of the list, click on Address Labels.
You will now see the preview of the addresses displayed on the labels which have been set up for your account.

Pick a label type

Your first task should be to pick a label type which matches the labels you want to print on.
You can do this by clicking on the Settings link.
Here you find the labels we support. To print labels you must use one of these labels or equivalent ones.

Adjust page settings

Before you start printing look for the small red positioning mark in the top left corner. It should line up with the first label on the page you are printing onto.

If the positioning mark does not properly line up you can adjust its position in address label settings.

Change font

You can also adjust the font size as well is the font type on the settings page of the print labels function.

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