Multi-user management

This function allows you to manage multiple  users using the same account. You can also define the privileges available to the different users.

Setting up multiple users

To set up additional Users for your account click on the My Store  button on your dashboard and select Manage users on the left side.

To add a new user simply click on the add user button and provide the required information.

The number of users you can add depend on the account you have.

Available user types:

Admin: has the same rights as the account holder, but cannot cancel the account

Order manager: can manage only orders and has no access to editing products

Store manager: Can manage products, pages and categories

SEO manager: Can edit text content of products and pages and SEO fields for search engine optimization

Usher (to can tickets): only has access to scan tickets at events to grant access to ticket holders

Ticket admin: can scan and manage events

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