Payment methods you accept

Santu supports more than 50 payment methods and payment service providers including PayPal. You can approve payments manually yourself or use a payment service provider to have payments approved in real-time.

Setting up payment methods

To set up Payment methods you accept click on the My Store  button on your dashboard and select Payment methods you accept.

Selected payment methods

Here you find a list of the payment methods which are currently enabled. To set up different payment methods click on the Edit methods button.

A pop-up window is displayed on the page and loads the payment service providers available.

I want to approve some payment methods myself

Make sure this option is selected, if you want to accept manual payment methods such as Cash on delivery,  Send a check or Bank transfer.

I want to use a payment service provider

Here you find a list of all the payment service providers we have integrated. Pick the payment service you want to use to set it up. Of course you can also only use manual payment methods and approve the payments yourself.

Country: this filter allows you to limit the displayed payment services by country availability.

Once you have made your selection scroll down and click on Next.

Payment settings

On this page you select the payment methods you want to accept for each of the payment service as you have selected – including your manual payment methods.

Real-time payment services you must enter the details required, such as username or special identification numbers.

Currency: make sure the currency of your store is displayed in the currency window for the payment system.

Payment methods

For every payment service, including Manual payment, you must select the payment methods you want to accept.

Payment surcharges

For each payment method you can charge extra fees or reduced the costs by either a percentage or a fixed pricing value.

For example you could charge extra fees for payment by credit card and reduce charges for bank transfer.

Once you have selected your payment methods click on the Next button.

Sorting payment methods

On the final page of the payment setup you can review the payment methods selected. Using the up and down arrows next to each payment methods you can also sort the payment methods so that the most popular payment methods are listed first, for example.

Click on the Finish button to complete the payment methods set up. Your payment methods will now be displayed in your store, so that your customers can use them.

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