Gift vouchers, gift cards

This product type allows you to sell gift vouchers or gift cards, which can be used later to make a purchase in your store.

Create a gift card or voucher

To create a gift card or gift voucher go to My Products and click on the Add product button.

Then enter the voucher details and the value of the voucher and publish the voucher to make it available to your customers.

The store website address is required so it can be added to the voucher to allow the customer to locate your online store.

Voucher Values

You can add multiple value levels to a voucher. Each value level becomes it’s own gift voucher. Customers can select the value they want to spend like an option for a product.

Extra Settings

Here you can define the tax which applies to the voucher and the first voucher number.

You can also define how long a voucher will be valid for. Note that in many countries a minimum of 12 months validity or more is legally required.

Ith order quantity you can limit the number of vouchers a customer can buy.

If you tick “Allow voucher to be spent over multiple orders” a customer can do just that. Otherwise the whole voucher amount has to be spent at once.

You can also allows buyers to add a small message which will be embedded on the voucher before it gets delivered.

Voucher design

We provide a professionally designed voucher template, which uses the information and image provided  when setting up a voucher, including the product image.

You can also upload your own gift voucher template as a single page PDF document, and we will insert the relevant information.

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