The Dashboard

The dashboard is the central hub of Santu. From here you can manage products, orders, customers, members, resellers or affiliate partners/JVs, marketing and more.

What’s on the Dashboard

The Dashboard page is split into three parts.

At the top you find a navigation which gives you easy access to the different pages.

On the left side you find information about what is happening in your store. For example how many new orders you have received, how many orders you have to approve or how many orders have to be shipped.

On the right side you find the quick links, which give you quick access to the most important functions. The big orange button allows you to quickly add new products.

Quick links

The quick links on the dashboard give you quick access to the most important functions. Simply click on the appropriate icon to gain access to the functions.

You can also access this functions by have a menu.

Returning to the dashboard

You can always return to the Santu dashboard by clicking on the home button or by clicking on the Santu logo in the top menu bar.

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