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Santu has partnered with the best eCommerce solution providers all around the world

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A huge list of companies around the world have partnered with us to help you do business online.

Payments, deliveries and backend systems

More than 50 payment service providers including PayPal and WorldPay help you accept customer payments, if you do not want to accept payments manually The world’s big shipping providers such as UPS, FedEx and TNT will help you deliver your products to your customers. Popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks can import your orders to simplify your book keeping.

Accept payments in real time

Santu works with more than 50 payment partners, from PayPal to In many countries we have integrated with local partners, so you can accept payments in local payment methods such as real-time bank transfers in Germany and iDeal in the Netherlands. This will help you boost sales conversions wherever you offer your products. You can also accept manual payment methods, such as cash on delivery, send me a check or pay over the phone. Another great feature: you can combine multiple payment services and manual payment methods, to cover all bases.

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Real-time shipping calculations

Santu supports many methods to calculate shipping charges as well as integration with many real-time shipping provider services. You can calculate shipping charges by price, weight, by number of products or by using one of the integrated delivery services:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Fedex
  • TNT
  • DHL
  • Royal Mail
  • Australia Post
  • French Post
  • TARA Courier Services
  • more on the way

This allows you to have shipping costs calculated based on the weight of the products ordered by your customers. Regardless of the method you select, shipping charges will automatically be calculated and displayed to your customer as part of your checkout process, to make buying easy and to meet the various eCommerce laws around the world.

Accounting solutions

Santu can be integrated with with most accounting systems to allow you to easily integrate your online shop into the workflow of your business. This is especially helpful when you start receiving larger numbers of orders. Some solutions are directly supported with download formats, other solutions can import our CSV or XML data. Just download your order data for an easy import into your accounting system. Here are some of the currently supported solutions:

  • XML order data stream can be imported into any backend system support XML import functions
  • CSV order data can be imported into any backend system supporting CSV import
  • QuickBooks
  • Lexware
  • Myob
  • Xcount
  • Snelstart
  • EasyFatt

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