Do you want fries with that?

Have you ever wanted your customers to add a larger quantity of an item to your shopping cart or a ticket to an event as well as a T-shirt? Here you find out how to do this.

If you are out there selling products, then you have probably heard the saying: “do you want fries with that”.

It’s a powerful marketing message, based on the fact that if you want to sell more, sometimes all you have to do is offer an extra choice to your customers.

The technical term for this is upselling, and if you are going to McDonald’s or to a clothing store such as Old Navy, you’ll find that well-trained staff will always offer you the option to purchase more. It generates many extra sales for those, who use it properly.

Upselling functions

You can do the same with Santu by using the following functions:

1: Add a predefined quantity of an item to your shopping cart
2: Defined a minimum or maximum quantity to be purchased
3: Add multiple items to the shopping cart at the same time and in different quantities
4: Create product bundles which allow customers to buy multiple items at a combined price

In this article we cover all the options available if you use Santu to add eCommerce functions to your existing website or to blogs such as a WordPress Blog.

Predefined quantities and minimum / maximum order quantities

Sometimes you want customers to add a predefined quantity to your shopping cart. An example could be that you want customers to add five tickets for your event to the shopping cart at once.

You could do this by defining a minimum purchase quantity in stock control.

This function is supported by products and event tickets. However this option forces customers to stay within these limits. They will not be able to buy a smaller or larger quantity than defined by you. If you set minimum and maximum to 5 for example, then the buyer can only buy 5 items: not more and not less.

However you may not always want to be so rigid. Maybe you sell event tickets, and in your experience most customers by two tickets. The best solution then is to predefine the quantity to allow the users to change it, once they have added the item to the shopping cart.

Customers who add this to the shopping cart will have a quantity of two in the cart, but they can easily change it to one or more.

Here is how you do it:

1: Go to your Product list page in your account by clicking on the My Products Button on your home page.

2: Click on the Get Buttons  button for the product you want to use.

3: Click on the Link address to copy it – this is your product link which you add to your web pages.

4: Add the link to your website and add ?qty=3 at the end of the link, to define a quantity of 3.

Here is an example link to buy three blue capsicum:

This will add 3 of these products to the shopping cart at once.

Adding product bundles and multiple items to your cart

Adding multiple items to your shopping cart is even easier.

Option one available to you is to use the bundle function in Santu. Simply add a bundle as a product to combine multiple products and sell them for a low price.

However once again this is a rigid solution: the customer has to take all these products contained in the bundle unless you also offer these by themselves.

Another great option available to you, is to simply copy the shopping cart URL and use it as a buy now button link address.

That is about as easy as it gets.

1: Go to your online store
2: Add all products you want to use to the shopping cart and and set the quantity for each product to the default quantity you want your customers to add.
3: Then copy the Internet address of the shopping cart and use it as buy now link on your website.
4: Whenever a customer clicks on this link all the items you had in your shopping cart will be added to the shopping cart again with exactly the same quantities.

You can try this with this Buy Now link which uses the following Internet address:

(The PID number is a unique number which identifies each product in your store. You can find it in the Get Button dialog for your products by scrolling down.)

This is an easy to use and very powerful cross selling function which can get you many additional sales.

By the way, your affiliate partners can use the same function to sell more of your products on their website.

Good luck with your sales efforts.

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