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Spread the word and count your income

Join our affiliate programmer and earn up to 30% commission  – just by telling others about Santu.

You’ll be doing them a favor, yourself and us as well!

Earn up to 30% affiliate commission with Santu

How much money can you earn?

We pay you up to 20% commissions for any new customer you refer to us of all monthly payments made.

Should that customer also refer new customers to us, than you will get a further 10% for everyone of their referrals!

If a customer pays us $79 a month, you will receive $189.60  – paid out monthly – for every year the customer stays with us. Of course if that customer signs up for more services, you will get a percentage of those monthly fees, too.

Get started now

Santu is an amazing new solution – just right for the times.

So you have a great chance to make a big impact.

Finding customers is easy. Anyone who has anything to sell can use Santu services. They are suitable for a student selling last year’s study books on Facebook as well as for the large corporations running infomercials on TV. Schools and clubs can use them for fundraisers, to sell items,  or to organize events , charities to collect donations, small business to sell their products online and large business to advertise them on radio and TV.

All you have to do is spread the word!

And don’t worry, if someone signs up for a free account, only. We will remember you, as soon as they switch to a paid account.

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We will help you be successful

Of course you are not on your own.

We have put together marketing material for you, which makes it easier to convince others of the benefits of Santu.

You can use this material to promote Santu anywhere you want — we will still be able to keep track of your commissions!

You can log into our commission tracking system at any time to see how much you have already earned, and how much commission your downline has generated for you.

Please note that to be eligible for downline commission payments in any given month, you yourself must refer sales of $25 to us in that month.

Santu is the best eCommerce software around

Frequently asked Questions

Q: How do you track  the customers I send to you?

A: If you send a customer to us via our marketing material or by using one of the marketing links we have provided to you, your Affiliate ID is embedded in the link. We can then track visitors on our website until a purchase is made. If the customer bookmarks our site, your Affiliate ID is bookmarked as well. We also store your ID in a cookie on the visitor’s computer. So if a customer returns directly to our website instead of using a bookmark, we can recover your ID from the cookie.

Q: How do you prevent customers from removing my Affiliate ID from the Internet address before arriving at the Santu website?

A: The links we give you for promotional purposes do not go directly to our website — but via a redirection service implemented at If the ID is not included in the link, the visitor cannot reach our website. This safeguards your ID to make sure your referrals can be attributed to you.

Q: How often do you pay commissions?

A: We pay commissions every month, provided you have collected at least $25 of commissions. A three months settlement period applies to all orders and a rolling security deposit of 10% is withheld to allow for charge backs for a period of six months.

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