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For Children 3 to 6 Published by: Assimil Format: book + CD Date de parution: 2010 Number of pages: 48

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3 years & over. This title includes book & CD. The aim of this album and the accompanying CD is to introduce your child to the French language through songs in a very entertaining way. It is well-recognised that early learning of a foreign language is the best guarantee that it will be easily assimilated and permanently retained. To guide your child's learning, each theme is divided into two distinct sequences: an original song, sung by French children, followed by a translation of the principal words; and, the karaoke of the song for a sing-along followed by audio-active games for learning and fun. The separate tracks on the CD for each sequence have been arranged so that you can pass easily from one to another. This album, which has been designed for use with children from the age of three, will give excellent grounding for the future learning of French. These songs are original compositions, specially written for young children about subjects which are familiar to them.