Santu Ecommerce Solution Debuts to Solve Industry Limitations

Makers of ShopFactory, World’s Original Ecommerce Software, Seek to Change Ecommerce Again with a Cloud App to Easily Build Online Stores Capable of Selling Via Any Channel.

The makers of ecommerce software ShopFactory™, the world’s original do-it-yourself online store builder,
have launched Santu™ to fully bridge ecommerce and mobile commerce online store building into a single
easy to use online application.

Santu aspires to remove online shopping complexities that results in an industry-wide
42 percent of sales not being completed (iPerceptions survey). Santu resolves such ecommerce obstacles
starting with a simple application that lets users create an online store in under a minute. It then leverages
highly marketable “buy now” links to let users add products directly to an online shopping cart.

This removes previous difficulties leading to buyers not completing a purchase. In addition, this lets retailers more effectively
bridge offline marketing with online buying. Santu is available at

Santu, a full-featured cloud-based ecommerce solution, fundamentally changes ecommerce by addressing
several key pain points with online shop managers and online shoppers. This starts with Santu’s easy-to-use
interface that leads to the fast creation of a media-rich or simple online store. An additional key feature is
Santu’s “buy now” links. These are short, memorable and highly marketable links created within Santu. In
addition to simplifying marketing, they also have the product already in the shopping cart. From there, shoppers
simply pay for their purchase and select their shipping needs. So, the complexities that used to make shoppers
back out of a purchase are resolved. This also bridges offline marketing with online buying so users can now
better leverage any sales channel. Several sales channels today still require too much waiting to complete
purchases. These channels include toll-free phone sales, TV and radio spots, print materials, and more. Santu
“buy now” links resolve the waiting-game problem with such sales channels, bridging offline marketing with a
more immediate online buying experience.

Santu resolves the main buyer pain points with ecommerce and offline sales channels. A recent iPerceptions
survey stresses the importance of simple online buying. It found 34 percent of online shoppers don’t purchase
because they couldn’t find the product they were looking for. Other key issues in the survey stress buyers back
out because of unclear pricing (18 percent); a lack of product information (7 percent); or because they faced
technical issues (4 percent). Santu provides a comprehensive feature set that addresses these concerns. Online
store management includes everything from managing members, to product listing, to analytics, testing and

Other Key Santu Features

Users sign up at and can then use any of six customized solutions. They include cloud-based
applications for physical goods; digital products; donations; subscriptions; events; and fundraisers. Users can
manage an online store’s product list and product variations. They can provide promotional discounts and
coupons, and more. Santu provides a built-in shopping cart solution. It also processes incoming payments,
orders, shipping, taxes, and more. Santu even integrates with back-end systems. Online shop managers can also
use Santu to turn their social media channels into sales channels. And, it automatically optimizes storefronts for
viewing and full use on any common device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Santu lets web designers add an online store to existing website designs without requiring changes to the
design. Users can add either a complete online storefront or just the shopping cart. These features and design
freedoms are possible whether Santu is used on a custom-built website or WordPress blog.

Santu provides the simplicity needed to sell a single product and the performance required to sell thousands.
Users can create their online store to sell physical products; digital downloads; accept donations online; do
online fundraising; and sell subscriptions. Santu even lets shop owners sell tickets to events where they can use
Santu’s apps to scan tickets at the door.

“We started our company in 1995 because we saw an industry burdened with using complicated and expensive
technology just to sell online,” said Steffan Klein, CEO and Co-Founder of Santu. “That led to the development
of ShopFactory, a widely successful ecommerce solution that has been used to create more than 250,000 online
stores. But, today the world is more mobile than ever, more social than ever, and advertising is more common
than ever. Another paradigm shift is necessary. This led us to develop Santu. You can now start selling online
in a minute. Sellers can more effectively reach customers anywhere they are, with whatever means they want.
But, reaching them is only half the problem. Getting the purchase completed is still a big issue. So, to make it
truly effective, it must also be easy to buy from wherever customers are, regardless of the device. Our ‘buy
now’ links deliver on the need to remove buying complexities. The links are highly marketable and land buyers
right in the shopping cart and that makes all the difference.”

Pricing and Availability

Santu is now available out of beta mode. A Starter subscription is free for 14 days and then costs $9.95 a
month. It allows listing up to 10 products and 100MB of server space for a one percent commission (minimum
of 12 cents) per product sold. A Home subscription starts at $29 monthly for up to 100 product listings and
2GB of space with no commission fees. The Professional subscription starts at $49 monthly for up to 1,000
product listings and 3GB of space with no commissions. And, a Business subscription starts at $79 monthly for
up to 5,000 product listings and 5GB of space with no commission fees. All subscriptions offer unlimited

Further pricing details can be found at

About Santu

Santu™ was founded in 2012 to address limitations in ecommerce solutions that result in 42 percent of online
sales not being completed due to various difficulties (iPerceptions survey). Santu does this by providing a
simple user interface to create an online store in under a minute. Santu also lets users create “buy now” links
whereby their products are placed right in the shopping cart. These “buy now” links are also short and
memorable so, they are highly marketable. The combination of memorable “buy now” links that land buyers in
the shopping cart removes purchasing hurdles that leads to buyers not completing their purchase. They also
enable shop managers to efficiently bridge offline marketing with online buying. Toll-free sales numbers,
printed materials, TV and radio commercials all require waiting or complex steps that often result in lost sales.
Santu “buy now” links enable an instant sales process regardless of the marketing channel.

Based in Victoria, Australia, Santu is a result of the makers of ShopFactory™, the ecommerce industry’s first do-it-yourself online
store builder and ecommerce software (1995). Santu maintains sales offices in Los Angeles, the United
Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and France. More information is available at

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