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New Stylish Sporty Pulse Heart Rate Monitor Calories Counter Watch Fitness Watch


This multi-function wrist watch can meet your various needs. It also takes your pulse and calories you burn.

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Quick Overview

This multi-function wrist watch can meet your various needs. Apart from being able to be used as an ordinary watch, it is also designed with the functions of sensoring your pulse and countering the calories you burned while your are doing exercise. It is useful to help you keep fit.  

Product Description

Product Feature: * Brand New and High Quality. * The calorie watch is the first and only watch that can calculate your heart rate and calories burned while exercising without the need of a chest strap. * It has been designed to calculate the calories burned and pulse rate of an AVERAGE. Individual based on preset age, weight, and sex.  * Built-in ECG Pulse Sensor requires NO chest strap * Continuous Heart Rate Reading in a while with the indication of instant heart rate changing * Exercise Heart Rate measure and Resting Heart Rate measure modes * Analyst the Heart Rate and calculate the Calories Burnt after exercise *  Exercise Intensity input for Calories analyzing * Exercise Counter with Automatic and Manual override Calorie Counter * The calorie watch also tells you which of your 5 Activity zones you exercised in.  * Chronograph (Stopwatch) with split lap time for recording exercise time *  Display current Time & Calendar with Alarm and Hourly Chim * Great complements for football, Yoga, Swimming, Ice skating, Step aerobics, Soccer, Squash etc. * Inside battery life: Over 1 year under normal use (model: CR2032 or equivalent)  Specifications: * Weight: 49g * case diameter: 4.5 cm * Watchband width: 1.8cm * Case material: Rubber * Band material: rubber * Waterproof Package Contents:     1 x Pulse Heart Rate Watch      1 x User Manual