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BANABAN Certified Organic Coconut Milk 6 x 400ml

Banaban Organic Coconut Milk | CM400/ORG6

ORGANIC - USDA/ACO Contains NO fillers or additives and are packaged fresh - straight from the source in BPA free cans

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Banaban® ORGANIC*Coconut Milk

- Rich Organic Coconut Milk the best we have tasted -

Nature Pacific have sourced what we believe is the highest quality organic coconut milk and coconut cream available in the world.

Unlike many other brands, Banaban® ORGANIC* Coconut Milk contains NO fillers or additives and are packaged fresh - straight from the source in BPA free cans.

Banaban® ORGANIC* Coconut Milk can be used for a variety of foods including smoothies, chowders, soups, casseroles and curries etc. Banaban® ORGANIC* Coconut Milk makes a good alternative to dairy Cream and can be used in place of Cream or cream in many recipes. For those who are allergic to dairy Cream, coconut Cream provides an excellent alternative.

Banaban® ORGANIC* Coconut Milk provides a good source of health-promoting medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Coconut oil is the richest source of MCFAs and consumption of coconut milk provides another way of incorporating MCFAs into one’s diet.

Coconut  Milk is a traditional foods that have been consumed for generations. Both products are made by grating fresh, mature coconut meat and squeezing the liquid from the meat. The resulting fluid becomes coconut milk or coconut cream depending on how concentrated it is with Banaban® ORGANIC* Coconut Milk containing 17% fat.