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Triple your sales with Santu by selling your products to your customers anywhere you want – even without your own website! Selling is simpler with Santu.

Set up your first product:

Set up and sell more

Whether you sell one item or thousands: with Santu you can do it via websites, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, emails, SMS, printed newspapers, your instant store and anywhere else you want.

Santu is a fully featured e-Commerce solution. Yet creating your first product is as simple as adding a name and a price. Start sharing at the push of a button and make buying super-easy via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Accept payments directly from your buyers or via PayPal and more than 50 other payment services.

Triple your sales by letting your customers buy, wherever they see your products.

Selling is simpler with Santu.

Sell your products anywhere you want with Santu eCommerce solutions

Sell from anywhere you want

Santu’s unique buy now buttons and links make selling your products super easy. You don’t even need a website.

Just share your links with the click of a button anywhere you want and give your customers instant access to your shopping cart.

Let your customers buy directly from your website, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Craig’s List, Gumtree, Skype, email, SMS, radio, TV, printed magazines, drink coasters, letter drops and more.

All with the same simple solution.

Only Santu gives you the power to sell anywhere you want.

Reach more buyers and triple your sales.

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Buying made easy

If you want more sales, buying must be as simple as possible.

Wherever your customers find your products.

So we have removed all hurdles which could get in the way of a good sale.

Santu’s unique buy now buttons and links send your customers directly to your check-out.

Without detours.

Buying couldn’t be any easier.

Santu ecommerce software makes buying really easy for customers
Santu allows selling vial mobile phones, tablets and notebooks

Mobile commerce solved

The Internet has moved into buyers’ pockets.

Up to 45% of buyers use their mobile phone first when they want to buy something.

If your site isn’t mobile, you are losing sales.

So we take care of it. No matter how buyers access the net: Santu presents your products in the best light.

Mobile phones, phablets, tablets, laptops, desktops: all covered.

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Super social

Santu turns all social media channels into your sales and marketing outlets.

List your products on your Facebook timeline or add your instant Santu store to your Facebook account.

Share buy now buttons and links on any social network.

Boost your exposure and sales. Let customers share your products and allow them to tell everyone what they purchased.

Now you can make all social networks work for you.

The eCommerce solution for Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and any other social network
Complete design freedom for website developers Easy website development
Click to buy Tshirt Santu 1 Click to buy Tshirt Santu 2 Click to buy T-shirt Santu 3 Click to buy Pocket watch Q1 Click to buy Pocket watch Q2 Click to buy Pocket watch Q3 Click to buy Pocket watch Q4 Click to buy Pocket watch Q5 Click to buy Pocket watch Q6 Click to buy Pocket watch Q7 Click to buy Pocket watch Q8 Click to buy Pocket watch Q9 Click to buy Pocket watch Q10 Click to buy Digital apples Click to buy Digital lettuce Click to buy Digital coral lettuce Click to buy Digital rock melon Click to buy Digital oranges Click to buy Digital tomatoes Click to buy Digital limes Click to buy Digital lemons Click to buy Digital carrots Click to buy Digital tomatoes Click to buy digital grapes Click to buy Digital pears Click to buy Digital cabbage Click to buy Digital bananas Click to buy digital broccoli Click to buy Digital garlic Click to buy Cool capsicum


100% design freedom

Santu offers sellers kick-ass eCommerce performance while providing designers with total design freedom.

Now you have a solution which allows you to add a store or shopping cart to websites, WordPress blogs or anywhere else you want – without compromising your design.

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Feature loaded

Santu is jam-packed with features. It’s your one stop fully featured eCommerce, shopping cart and sales solution.

List and manage products, variations and options. Offer discounts, coupons, calculate taxes and shipping charges automatically. Provide memberships and reward programs. Sell anywhere. Manage products, incoming payments, orders, shipping. Integrate with back-end systems. And much, much more.

Whether you sell one product or thousands:  Santu gives you the simplicity you need when you start out and the power and flexibility you require when you are successful.

Fully featured shopping cart software service
Santu is the best eCommerce solution for many different product types

Six types of products

Santu has a product type for every occasion – now one solution does it all.

Sell products. Distribute digital goods such as eBooks, songs, photos or documents with automatic delivery.

Run donation drives or fundraisers. Offer general admission tickets to your events and scan tickets at the door with  our apps or sell paid subscriptions.

It’s all there.

Nothing else compares.

Free: Start selling in 40 seconds.

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