About us: New solutions for a new Internet

The Internet has radically changed – it’s time for eCommerce to catch up

Steffan Klein, Managing Director, Santu Pty. Ltd.

Since we started developing eCommerce solutions 18 years ago, the Internet has radically changed. What worked even just a few years ago is no longer adequate.

The Internet has splintered into hundreds of channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. And almost everyone has Internet access in their pocket or handbag to browse online with mobile phones and tablets.

Put simply your customers are all over the place and access the Internet in whichever way is most convenient to them.

That’s radically different from the Internet of just a few years ago, when most customers searched for products on Google using their desktop or laptop computers.

In fact it is so different, it requires a completely new approach to allow you to continue to succeed.

Time for a new approach

So with Santu we started over and created a new solution from the ground up, based on our experience of helping hundreds of thousands of merchants selling online. It is designed to help you thrive in this new world.

The result is the most flexible eCommerce solution available today. An amazing service which empowers you to sell six types of products through any channel you want – without any programming.

We worked hard to give you maximum flexibility and power with minimum complexity. We want to help you sell more goods through more channels than ever – regardless of your skills.

Your perfect tool box

Let’s face it: an eCommerce solution is a tool. It should do its thing with minimum fuss and otherwise get out of your way. Put products in, get orders out. Help manage  products, marketing, sales, orders, payments and deliveries.

At Santu we strive to get as close to that ideal as possible.

Whether you sell one product or thousands, offer boxed products or digital goods, donation drives, fundraisers or event tickets.

Santu is the toolbox which helps you build your success.

Just open it and find the tools you need to succeed in a radically changed world. A world, in which Santu shines.

We hope you’ll like what you find. Click on the big Start here button below to get started.

Steffan Klein

Managing Director

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